Well-Woman Care

You do not have to be pregnant or lactating to receive care from us! We offer many services outside of pregnancy and breastfeeding. AND, we do so in a way that is probably new to you. 

Well-Woman Care gets a bad rap! Almost 20 years ago, Shell Luttrell had an experience that gave her an idea to change that. 

From that night grew a new idea about well-woman care and the format to change what most women dread the most:

  • Anxiety inducing
  • Care in a cold and emotionally distant atmosphere
  • Care provided without information/communication
  • Cold speculums
  • Uncomfortable and unnecessary gowns
  • Drapes that block women from seeing what's going on
  • Long wait times
  • Hurried and stressful appointments 

None of that is necessary! Not at all! 

Working with you has drastically shifted my perspective and attitude toward needing check ups. It used to be something awkward, uncomfortable and a time that I dreaded. There was nothing enjoyable about those conventional appointments and offices.

In contrast, visiting you or your ladies is a time that I enjoy. It is a time that I love my body and I’m grateful for my health and its abilities. It is a time that I feel loved and proud of being a woman. So much so, that even though I’ve moved out of state I fit my exams into my vacation time when I am there to visit.
— Delmara

Are you ready to have a kinder, gentler and more meaningful well-woman experience? One that would inspire you to fit your PAP exam into your vacation?!