Preparing for home birth

There is so much to do! Childbirth classes to attend, carseat to install, decisions to make, birth kits to get! 

If this is your first home birth we know that it can seem a little daunting and we want it to be as simple and easy for you as possible. 

We will guide you every step of the way! We have checklists and pathways that line everything out in a very easy to follow format.

  • Who will be at your birth?
  • Do you want your baby to have vitamin k?
  • Do you want to be tested for GBS?
  • If you are positive for GBS do you want antibiotics in labor?
  • Purchase birth kit
  • Attend our Pregnancy & Birth Health Strategies  class
  • Attend our Birth class
  • Attend our Postpartum & Baby care class
  • Attend our Breastfeeding class
  • Attend a CPR class
  • Install baby's carseat
  • Follow our checklist for home and postpartum prep
  • Have a baby! 

We will explain all of your choices to you and provide you with the information and support that you need.

Of course, checking off the hiring of your midwife is a good place to start!