About our Building

A little bit of history for you...

Our home is a Queen Ann, Territorial design that was constructed in 1916. For almost 100 years it sat at its Central Avenue and Ashland Street location until it was slated for demolition. In 2006 it was rescued by Mr. Tom Carmody and moved to its present location.  

The sand and pebble exterior stucco texture was a short-lived trend unique to the southwest. It was hoped that the use of this material would provide insulation with readily available materials. There are very few buildings that still have this type of stucco. When Mr. Carmody renovated the building, he included the peekaboo accent, which you can see in the photo above, to the right of the front door, giving us a glimpse of the inside brick structure.*

Peek-a-boo accent to the left of the front door.

Peek-a-boo accent to the left of the front door.

We have had the pleasure to meet some of the people who grew up in this house and are excited to be able to say that babies have been happily born in this building for longer than any other public building, center or hospital in the Greater Phoenix Area!

Schedule a tour and come see for yourself! We think you'll agree, our birth center is more like a magical home-away-from-home than it is a clinic. 

Birth Center 1 (55 of 70).jpg

*We have recently been informed that this building was once home to a community of artists and performers. Lore has it that during this time a phallus was mounted beside the door, where the peekaboo accent now is, and all who entered would rub it for good luck. Somehow that seems an oddly appropriate part of the building's history!

Let us know if you would like to come and see it in person. We love having company over!