What is the difference between a midwife, monitrice and a doula?


A midwife provides primary care, is responsible for the client's clinical care and is responsible for birth registration and client outcomes. She provides prenatal care, labor management, birth management, early baby care and postpartum services. 

  • All of our midwifery clients receive monitrice and doula care. 
  • All of our monitrice clients receive doula care 
  • Our doula clients do not receive monitrice or doula care


A monitrice may provide basic labor management at home, prior to going to the hospital. This basic care may include checking the cervix for dilation, taking vitals, and listening to baby's heart. This is beneficial because it can keep some moms from going to the hospital too soon and others from staying home too long. Once at the hospital, she provides emotional support throughout labor. She does not provide clinical prenatal care, birth management, baby care or postpartum care. 

  • Clients who hire us for doula care do not receive monitrice care. 
  • Clients who hire us for monitrice care also receive doula care
  • Clients who hire us for monitrice care have the option of receiving limited midwifery care from us as well. 

Doula Care:

A doula care focuses on emotional and educational support. Doula care does not encompass clinical care and does not hold any clinical responsibility. Providing comfort measures is the hallmark of doula care.  

All of our clients receive "doula care" from us, regardless of where they plan to birth. 

  • Client who hire us as doulas for their hospital birth receive care from us in the hospital setting, not at home or at the center.
  • Clients who hire us to attend their birth at The Phoenix Birth Center receive extensive doula care from us. 
  • Clients who hire us to be their home birth midwives receive extensive doula care from us. 
  • Clients who need to transfer care from us during their pregnancy may arrange for us to provide doula care at the hospital for them. 
  • Clients who need to transport during birth can choose to receive doula care from us while they are in the hospital. 

Why would women planning a hospital birth choose to hire a doula or monitrice? 

  • 50% reduction in the cesarean rate
  • 25% shorter labor
  • 60% reduction in epidural requests
  • 40% reduction in oxytocin use
  • 30% reduction in analgesia use
  • 40% reduction in forceps delivery

Clearly, monitrice and doula care can improve outcomes for moms who are planning a hospital birth. 

We believe that women should be well-loved and well-supported no matter where she chooses or needs to give birth. 

If you are planning a hospital birth and would like to discuss your options with us, it would be our pleasure to speak with you.