Financial Information

All payment plans will incur a $200 non-refundable deposit at the beginning of care. This $200 will be deducted from your package fee.

Cash Pay


  • Prenatal, birth and postpartum care

  • Basic birth supplies for birth center birth

  • Discounts for classes, lab work, ultrasound, non stress tests and certain wellness treatments

Payment Plans

  • Scheduled into easy monthly payments

  • Balance due by the 35th week of pregnancy

Financial Hardship

  • Do you have state provided AHCCCS insurance?

  • Have you already had at least one baby but not more than five babies?

  • Are you mature, responsible and possess good communication skills?

If so, please speak with us as you may qualify for our student-midwife discount program.

Credit Cards and Online Payments

You can use your credit card or make online payments using payday or other apps. However, we charge and additional 5% for doing so.

Health Savings Accounts

We accept health savings account payments.

We do not charge a few for using HSA checks.

We charge a 5% for for using HSA cards.

Paying with PPO Insurance

A few important things for you to understand about paying with insurance. If you plan on using private insurance to pay for your services, please read the following.

  • If you have insurance, be sure to fill out the VOB form. (the password is babylove). When you fill that out we will be able to determine your benefits

  • You are responsible for understanding the limits and benefits of your policy

  • We will bill as Out-of-Network providers

  • We can only accept direct payment from PPO plans

  • We will bill on behalf of your service provider and on behalf of the facility. In some cases, there will be two separate billing statements, one for the provider and one for the facility

  • The fees that you will be charged are based on your co-pays, patient responsibilities and deductibles.

  • In most cases, deductibles will need to be met for both mom and baby. That generally means that the “family deductible and maximums” will apply, rather than individual

  • If, for some reason, your insurance company does not pay, you will be responsible for any incurred charges

  • As an out-of-network provider we have no way of knowing what your insurance provider will pay us for the services that you receive from us. We, therefore, bill “max allowable”. This means that sometimes we will be paid well above normal fees and sometimes we will not be paid at all. 

  • In all methods of payments, the most you would ever be responsible for paying out of you personal pocket is $5,500 for your basic care.  

  • This fee may or may not cover medications, ultrasounds, chiropractic care or other services- it depends on your coverage.

  • Once we have have the results of your benefits, we will be able to give you an accurate quote.

Electronic Transfers and Checks

Electronic transferes is our preferred method of payment. Most back accounts have the option to set up a Zelle. To prepare to make payments to us, log into your bank account and set up your bank’s Zelle to work with either your email address or your phone number. We do not charge a fee for using Zelle.

You can also set up checks to be mailed to us. We do not charge a fee for this.

What does the basic package fee cover?
Throughout the year we may offer extra services through our intern program. For example; if we are training an intern to do speciality postpartum care, we may include free services. Be sure to ask at your initial appointment if any student-services may be available to you.

  • Verification of benefits

  • Billing submission

  • Initial intake and exam

  • Basic prenatal appointments

  • 24hr on-call service

  • Discounts on childbirth classes

  • Discounts on Non-stress tests, ultrasounds, newborn hearing exam, body treatments

  • Referrals when needed

  • Basic prescriptions for minor ailments

  • Birth attendance

  • Newborn exam

  • Newborn heart screening

  • Administration of medication when needed (but not the medication itself)

  • Unlimited postpartum office visits for mom

Services and Procedures that are Not Included in the Global Fee or Package

  • Labs

  • Ultrasound

  • Non-Stress Tests

  • I.V Therapy

  • Medications

  • Alternative Care Therapies

  • Massage and Body Treatments

  • Problem Visits

  • Supplies for home birth

If you are paying by insurance, depending on your policy, we may need to bill for prenatal care as we go, bill individually for all services at the end of care or bill as a bundle at the end of care.

If paying by insurance, you will not be charged more than your deductible or the $5,500 cash fee for basic, covered care and services, whichever is LOWER.

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